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#1 Mortgage Lender in Belton & Bell County

With a superior commitment to service, The Wood Group of Fairway stands as the top mortgage lender in Belton, having closed the most 2017 home loans in Bell County. As a result, a large percentage of our business comes from repeat Wood Group borrowers purchasing their second, third, and fourth homes.

Our first-time homebuyers, including many veterans and their families, are seeking a safe and stable place to purchase their first home. With strong reputations in area schools, Bell County presents an attractive option for families. Being only an hour outside the heart of Austin, big-city entertainment is just a short drive away.

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Whether you’re purchasing your first home or refinancing your fifth, we work hard to secure competitive rates, simple fees, and fast closing times. You’re always in the loop during the process, and we’re here to answer all of your questions, no matter how small.

The mortgage process doesn’t have to be a struggle. Leave the heavy lifting to one of our Belton, TX loan officers. Take your first step towards home ownership.

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Competitive Home Loans in Belton, TX

Conventional Loan
Lower rates for borrowers with good credit

FHA Loan
Lower down payment requirements (popular for first-time homebuyers)

For rural area borrowers in small towns

Top Picks for Veteran Home Loans

VA Loan
Competitive rates and typically no down payment required

Vet Housing Assistance
Personalized mortgage options for Texas veterans

Other Mortgage Options

Refinance Loan
Lower monthly payments, convert to a fixed rate, & more

Renovation Loan
For remodeling, updates, repairs, & more

Reverse Mortgage
Provides advantages for homeowners over the age of sixty-two