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Buying a home shouldn’t be complicated. At The Wood Group of Fairway, our dedicated mortgage advisers are ready to show you the way. Your pathway to homeownership is customizable. But no matter what you select, we’re here for you the entire way. All because you deserve it.

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Every purchase starts with an application. In just a few minutes, you’ll provide us with the information we need to assess which programs and payment options are the best fit for you. See the first page of this booklet for a way to start that application today.


When you work with us you’ll have a dedicated mortgage adviser who will tailor options that fit your situation, work to help you select the best one, and answer any questions you have. They’ll provide you a pre-qualification letter to take to a realtor.

Home Shopping

Your realtor will help you find the right property and negotiate a purchase price. When the terms are agreed to, they’ll forward a copy of the sales contract to us so we can have everything ready by your closing date.


With your contract in hand, we’ll work up a Loan Estimate and required disclosures for you to review and provide permission to proceed. Then, your loan will be setup and processed as we work to get everything in order to make you a homeowner.


The majority of loans require that a third-party appraiser review the property to ensure it is worth what you’re paying for it. The appraiser will evaluate your property against a set of standards and send a report back for us to review.


Once your appraisal is complete, an underwriter will look at all aspects of the loan: the contract, supporting documentation you provided, the appraisal, and more. When they’re satisfied with what they see, your loan is moved to Clear to Close status.


After the underwriter issues final approval, we’ll provide you a Closing Disclosure to review as we prep your loan documents for the title company. We’ll also provide you with a exact amount required to close and instructions on how to make that payment. On closing day, you’ll sign all the paperwork and get keys to your new home!

If you have any questions after closing, your mortgage adviser is available to help. You can also check out our Mortgage Servicing page for more helpful information.

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