2021 Interior Design Trends

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2021 Interior Design Trends
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Is it time to put “modern farmhouse” out to pasture? Top interior design trends for 2021 are more about maximizing rather than minimizing home décor.

If there is one thing most of us can agree on it’s that 2020 gave us plenty of time to consider the functionality and comfort of our homes. Stay-at-home orders abruptly ushered us into a new way of life that truly tested our patience for one another and for our home itself.

Reasons for Interior Design Shifts

Though home design trends are always changing, the events of 2020 have us focused on two main themes: building a functional space and creating a sense of calm and joy despite a tumultuous outside world.

Claudia Guthrie


The Spruce

That sense of joy and calm is being realized through bold use of color, art, and plant life. The whites and grays of the modern farmhouse look, and even the mid-century modern look, is no longer what homeowners are surrounding themselves with. Instead of shiplap, the emerging trend is to add texture to walls with tile, plaster, rattan, or living walls of plants.

White Shiplap with decorative bench, pillows, and a plant

Is white shiplap going out of style already? Some designers think so.
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Urban Wood Goods

The Newest Home Decorating Trends

Bold colors like indigo blue, geometric patterns, and a trend known as "grand millennial" are gaining popularity.

Think floral wallpaper, antique paintings, delicate china, crocheted throws, and vintage touches with whimsical flair.

Heather Goerzen


Interior Designer at Havenly

Informal Dining room with bold colors and antique paintings

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Similarly is “maximalism,” the counterpart of minimalist design. It promotes repetition, patterns, bold palettes, intricate graphic details, and one-of-a-kind possessions. It’s a loud style composed of mixed patterns; excessive, but carefully curated collections and saturated colors. It encourages using your space in the boldest way possible.

Maximalist living room

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If you’re not quite ready for crocheted doilies or bold patterns, but you are wanting more warmth, a “new minimalism” has emerged.

“It's all about having way less things, but having the right things. I think this is going to continue… something a little warmer, with an Americana edge.

Brian Flynn


Interior Designer for HGTV

Trends for Every Room

Living Rooms

Light-filled rooms with plants are gaining popularity. When you can’t go outside, bring the outside in! Natural elements such as terracotta vases, marble coffee tables, wicker baskets, and wooden furniture, all work together to add texture and warmth to a room, creating a more organic look that can produce a relaxed, calming vibe.

Natural elements in a modern living room

Image credit: Alvin Wayne


Where previously, muted, neutral tones have been popular, designers at Kelling Designs are now seeing a huge move away from minimalist interior schemes to statement wallpaper and creative wall finishes such as polished plaster, as well as bold and colorful fabrics, and bed linen.

Trendy bedroom with teal color scheme

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An eclectic twist to the modern farmhouse includes an interesting mix of materials, colors, and styles. Statement lighting, bold patterns and the unexpected use of wood and tile flooring makes this bathroom utterly unique. Natural lighting and plants are often omitted from bathrooms, but if possible, include both to bring additional feeling of wellbeing to the room.

modern bathroom with tile patterns and large walk-in shower

Image credit: Bonnie Ryan

Dining Rooms

In the past, many dining rooms put formality before functionality. That’s a luxury many homeowners are no longer willing to sacrifice.

“I think the whole idea of formal spaces in general is kind of going by the wayside,” says interior designer Natalie Papier. “We actually want spaces we can use and live in, and that reflect our personalities and feel overall more joyful.”

informal dining room with wooden table and benches, and bold dark blue accent wall

Image credit: Natalie Papier


Creativity in the kitchen isn’t just for food. “People are a little bit tired of the white and gray,” says Interior designer Oksana Kreiman. “We’re seeing a more stylish, unique approach to kitchen cabinet design.” Open shelving and unexpected uses of materials and textures make a unique statement.

creative kitchen design with decorative wall paper, white tile backsplash, and green cabinets

Image credit: Jessica Small

What is Your Home Design Style?

If a style fits your family’s needs and makes you feel good, then it’s perfect for you! But first, you’ll need a home.

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