Address-Change Checklist

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Address-Change Checklist
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Moving is a chaotic process. Letting people know your new address is a detail that’s often overlooked. Here’s a checklist for how best to get the word out.

Changing your address is a particularly important item on the typical moving to-do list, but it’s also quite easy to overlook. You have to report your new address for certain purposes, such as tax agencies, prior to or shortly after moving. The following checklist can help you notify everyone who needs to know about your new address.

U.S. Postal Service Mail Forwarding

Forward your mail with USPS.

You can report your new address to the USPS and have them forward your mail for a limited period of time. The USPS will forward most First-Class and Priority mail free of charge for 12 months. It will only forward periodicals, such as magazines, for 60 days.

You can report your new address to the USPS and have them forward your mail for a limited period of time. The USPS will forward most First-Class and Priority mail free of charge for 12 months. It will only forward periodicals, such as magazines, for 60 days.

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The USPS might charge an additional fee for forwarding of Media Mail and Retail Ground shipping. The USPS will not forward anything sent via Marketing Mail.

You can request mail forwarding online or with PS Form 3575, which is part of a Mover's Guide packet that you can find at any post office. The USPS does not charge a fee if you use PS Form 3575. It charges a $1.10 identity verification fee if you request mail forwarding online. Please note that some websites may falsely claim to be affiliated with the USPS and offer change-of-address services for up to $40.

Driver’s License

Change your driver’s license address.

Texas law requires you to change the address on your driver’s license within 30 days of moving. You may do this online, by mail, or in-person at a driver’s license office operated by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).

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Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, DPS has required people to schedule appointments in advance. The agency generally urges people to use its online services whenever possible.


Notify the IRS of a change of address.

You can notify the IRS of your new address when you file your next federal income tax return. You might want to let them know sooner, though, for various reasons, such as if you are waiting for a refund check at the time you move. The IRS allows you to report a change of address by telephone, by filing Form 8822, or by sending a written statement to the address where you filed your last return.

Voter Registration

Update your voter registration information.

After moving, you must register to vote in your new location, even if you are only moving to a new address within the same voting precinct. Texas allows you to change your address online. You should do this more than 30 days before the next election.

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Social Security and Other Public Benefits

Change your address with the Social Security Administration and Medicaid.

If you are receiving benefits from Social Security, Medicare, or other programs, you should report your new address as soon as possible. You can do this for Social Security and Medicare by phone or on the Social Security web portal. For Medicaid and other programs offered at the state level, you may change your address by phone or at


Your employer will need to know your new address for various purposes, including compliance with its own tax filing requirements.

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You should notify various service providers of your new address. This can help ensure that bills and important notifications are not delayed by the USPS mail forwarding process. Service providers who file official documents on your behalf, such as accountants, need to have an accurate address for you at all times. Some companies might allow you to change your address online, and you can notify others by phone or email. Providers who need your updated address could include:

  • Medical providers, such as doctors and veterinarians
  • Professional service providers, including accountants and lawyers
  • Utility providers, particularly your phone company
  • Financial service providers, including your bank and credit card companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Online retailers, particularly if default settings ship to your old address
  • Subscription services for magazines and other periodicals

Friends and Family

You probably want to let the people closest to you know where you will be. At minimum, this will let them keep their holiday card lists up to date. After you’ve filled in your closer circles, you can make a social media post asking for individuals to private message you if they need your new address. That way, you can choose who knows.

Change your address!

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