How to Deep-Clean Rugs and Carpets

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How to Deep-Clean Rugs and Carpets
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Take care of your rugs and carpets and they’ll take care of you. Learn more about deep carpet cleaning and how it can protect you and your carpet.

Sometimes vacuuming isn't enough to keep rugs and carpets clean. This isn’t just about stains. Over time, odors can start to set in. Enough foot traffic can make the carpet start to look dingy. Deep cleaning lets you handle not only immediate problems like stains but also long-term problems like odors and the beginnings of shabbiness.

How does one go about deep cleaning rugs and carpets? What kind of chemicals and equipment do you need? Can you just hire someone to do it for you, and if so, should you? Read on to learn more about deep cleaning.

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What are the benefits of deep carpet cleaning?

Regular vacuuming can keep rugs and carpets reasonably free from what you can see with the naked eye, like dirt or dropped food. High-end vacuum cleaners can remove a fair amount of dust, pet dander, pollen, and other allergens. Still, tiny particles can get deep into a rug or carpet, where even the best vacuums can’t reach. Those particles can get back into the air, or they can attract dust mites. Either of those could cause health problems. Deep cleaning penetrates further into rug and carpet fibers than vacuum cleaners, clearing out the microscopic debris.

Deep cleaning is necessary to remove stains. It can also restore color and texture to rugs and carpets that have seen a lot of traffic. A carpet that receives regular deep cleaning will last much longer than one that does not.

When should I deep clean my rug or carpet?

Assuming that you vacuum once or twice a week, you should not need deep cleaning very often. Of course, you will need to do some deep cleaning immediately after a spill that might cause a stain. Otherwise, once or twice a year should be more than enough. If you notice an odor, or if you can actually see dust coming up, that would be a good time for a deep clean.

What products should I use?

You may choose between several different types of chemicals and processes, depending on what your rug or carpet needs:

  • Carpet shampoo

  • Stain and odor removers

  • Steam cleaning solution

Shampoo and stain removers do not require any extra equipment, other than a brush and some towels. The third type of product is used with a steam cleaner, which we discuss further below.

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Shake it out.

For any of these products, you should begin by vacuuming the rug or carpet. If a rug is small enough to carry outside, you can shake it out to remove any loose dirt, pet hair, and other reasonably large materials.

Check the color.

Next, if you have never used a particular product before, make sure that it won’t damage the color of your rug or carpet. Find an out-of-the-way spot, like in a corner or under a piece of furniture, and apply a small amount of the product. If it does something like bleach the color, don’t use it. Otherwise, proceed.

Follow the directions.

At this point, different products might have different sets of instructions. Carpet shampoo usually involves applying the product to an area and brushing it into the fibers. Stain and odor removers typically involve covering the affected area, allowing it to soak in, and then blotting up the excess material with a towel.

What kind of brushes do I need?

Many types of brushes are available for carpet shampooing. Almost any stiff-bristled brush will do the trick.

How do I dry a rug or carpet?

The main difference between deep cleaning a rug and a carpet is that many rugs can be taken outside to dry more quickly. With carpet, you just have to keep everyone off of it until it dries. Running a ceiling fan or box fan can help the drying process along.

Can I rent a steam cleaner?

Many hardware stores allow you to rent steam cleaners. You will need to purchase your own cleaning solution.

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What kind of services are out there to do these things for me?

You shouldn’t have any trouble finding a carpet cleaner in your town or city. Many cleaning companies allow you to drop off rugs for cleaning, or they can come to you for carpet cleaning.

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