What Are Homebuyers Saying about The Wood Group of Fairway?

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What Are Homebuyers Saying about The Wood Group of Fairway?
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The Wood Group of Fairway provides a true sense of personal service to homebuyers all across Texas. Here's what they're saying about us.

At The Wood Group of Fairway, we take pride in providing excellent service to customers at our locations throughout Texas: from the Metroplex to Corpus Christi, from Houston to El Paso, and everywhere in between.

We invite our borrowers to leave reviews about their experiences on different online platforms. The following are a few selections from, showing what some customers have had to say about us.

The speed of communication at all hours of the day and the prompt return of emails. In such a heated market, the prompt contact and detailed communication was so incredibly appreciated. Thank you!

Samuel K



Time is often of the essence when buying a home. Customers need fast answers and quick turnarounds, without sacrificing quality. This is especially important in competitive times and markets where the only difference another offer may make, is a faster closing time. That can be enough for them to win the deal, and for you to lose.

The entire team was unbelievably kind, patient and thoughtful. I am very grateful to have had them on my side while purchasing my first home. Couldn’t have done it without them!

Molly M



Customer service is critically important to our business. We want our customers to feel valued. We want them to feel comfortable with the process. One of our mottos is that we treat every loan like it’s our very own.

We’d rather your mortgage experience be enjoyable, rather than something to try to simply get through. Challenges may arise, but we’ll take them on with a good attitude!

I so appreciate how helpful the entire team was as we navigated first time home buying! I never felt unsure of next steps and they always had our best interest in mind (no pun intended)!

Kara P in College Station, Texas


Going above and beyond

Kara was a first-time homebuyer working with our Bryan/College Station office. It’s no secret that your first home purchase can feel intimidating. We try to take the edge off by keeping borrowers in the loop about what will happen next in the process. It should be noted that we appreciate the pun, Kara!

The communications process. The team gave constant reminders, updates, and explanations throughout the entire process. They did this all through phone, text and email.

Steven R in Woodway, Texas



Knowing the intricacies of the mortgage business is only part of the job. We see our knowledge as something that can help us work with our borrowers. Communication is key to keeping customers involved and confident in their decisions.

Steven secured his loan out of our Waco office. We appreciate the mention of several communications mediums: phone, text, and email. We communicate in the ways most convenient for you. For some, this will be more texts than calls. For others, vice versa.

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Whether you are a seasoned homebuyer or this is your first time even thinking about buying a home, an experienced mortgage professional can help you find the best home and the best mortgage for your particular needs.

The Wood Group of Fairway is here to help. We can answer your questions, explore your options, and guide you through every step of the mortgage process. Get started on a free pre-approval right now.