Keep Bugs OUT!

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Keep Bugs OUT!
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Are little pests finding their way into your home during the hot summer months? You're not alone. Here are the most effective ways to keep them outside.

Did you know that for every person on earth, there are one billion bugs? Even worse – there are about 100 different species of spiders, insects, centipedes, and mites living in the average American home. Most of these tiny little friends are living with us in peace. But all of that changes when a roach takes flight - or when ants decide to host a picnic in your sink.

In hot and dry weather, you tend to see more bugs in your house. They need water during those times, more than ever. Many species are more active in warmer weather, as they’re out of hibernation and they need food.

Let’s take a look at some ways to keep bugs out of our homes during these hot summer months.

Seal up every little crack

Every crevice in your home needs to be sealed tight to the outside. First, start on the outside. Inspect windows, pipes, door jambs, chimneys, and even roof shingles if you’re feeling adventurous. Torn window screens are an open invitation to creepy-crawlies. Worn weather stripping may need to be replaced around doors. Use caulk to fill small spaces and steel wool to seal larger spaces.

Then move to the inside. Pay close attention to your bathrooms: are there cracks underneath or around the sink, shower, and toilet? Caulk it up. Insects are looking for humidity during hot months. Don’t allow them a way in.

Clean up every day

And by “clean up,” we’re taking it to another level. Tiny creatures only need tiny reasons to set up camp inside your house. Dry out sinks before going to bed. Every crumb has to be picked up. Wipe down the stove after every meal you cook. Take the trash out every day, or at least use a sealed bin indoors. Fresh fruit needs to go in the refrigerator. Cockroaches love ripe bananas. Keep them in the fridge so roaches won’t touch them.

Cockroaches love ripe bananas. Keep them in the fridge so roaches won’t touch them.

Get rid of sink flies

They’re actually called “drosophila” and they lay eggs in your sink – gross. If you’re seeing tiny little gnats buzzing around the sink, that’s probably who they are.

Roto-Rooter explains a very simple way to kick these little guys out of your kitchen. First, pour salt down the drain. Follow it with baking soda, and then vinegar. Repeat with the other side of your sink. Don’t flush it with water yet; let the concoction sit overnight. Flush it out with boiling water the next day. This mix will usually take care of them. If not, fruit fly sticky strips are super effective.