The Latest & Greatest Home Appliance Technology

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The Latest & Greatest Home Appliance Technology
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Home appliances have made our lives easier, and new technology keeps showing us new things they can do. Check out some of the latest appliances and the crazy things they’re capable of.

Household appliances have made our lives convenient in ways we rarely even appreciate anymore. They wash our dishes and our clothes, keep our food cold, help us cook our meals, and more. While the invention of machines like the dishwasher and the refrigerator changed society forever, those machines continue to change as technology develops.

When our grandparents or great-grandparents first saw a washing machine, they were almost certainly amazed. The newest washing machines would amaze them all over again. “Smart” technologies allow these machines to do things none of us could have imagined just a few years ago.

Washers and Dryers

Washers and dryers have a simple concept. A washing machine soaks dirty clothes in soapy water, shakes them around, rinses them, and spins them to get rid of the excess water. From there, the dryer rolls the clothes around in a hot chamber. All you have to do is load the clothes, set the temperature, and start the machine.


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Of course, you still have to move your wet clothes from the washer to the dryer. What if we told you that the latest washer and dryer combo will move your clothes for you? Well, that is actually not a thing that washers and dryers can do — at least not yet. Here’s what a LG Signature smart washer/dryer combo can do for you, though:

  • Respond to voice commands;

  • Provide live updates on washing and drying progress and allow you to control the machines remotely via a smartphone app; and

  • Use moisture sensors to automatically adjust drying time.


You might notice a trend in new “smart” technology. Features like voice commands, WiFi connectivity, and smartphone compatibility are common features in new products. This is the case with this LG refrigerator, which can interface with a smartphone app to let you know the door is open or you need a new water filter, or to let you adjust the temperature settings. If you're just looking for a modern water filter, there are models far more effective than they used to be, such as these.

The “Door-in-Door” feature lets you grab items quickly without letting too much cold air out. The refrigerator is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant if you prefer to yell at it instead of pressing buttons.

refrigerator storage

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Much like smart washers and dryer, smart dishwashers offer improved efficiency and remote access. This GE dishwasher can adjust its wash settings for a wide variety of dishes, glasses, and silverware. An overflow sensor stops the wash cycle before water can leak out onto the floor. A disposal feature, known as the “Piranha,” grinds up food waste so it can’t clog the machine or the pipes. Of course, all of the features and settings are accessible via a smartphone app.


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Microwave ovens are designed to heat or cook food quickly. Some common features of smart appliances, like the ability to control an appliance remotely with a smartphone app, might seem unnecessary when microwave cooking times rarely extend more than a few minutes. And yet, here we are, with WiFi-enabled microwaves that connect to your smartphone or virtual assistant.

Those aren’t the only features smart microwaves have to offer, though. This microwave from Sharp, for example, includes numerous settings to fine-tune how you cook or reheat food. Of particular note are the settings designed to optimize the process of microwaving popcorn.

popcorn bowl

Coffee Makers

What can a smart coffee maker do for you? Even before “smart” technology, it was possible to program some coffee makers to start brewing at a set time in the morning. Now, coffee makers like the Hamilton Beach 49350 Smart Coffee Maker, which comes bundled with an Amazon Echo Dot, can interface with your phone so you can start brewing from almost anywhere — although you still have to load the grounds yourself.

coffee cup


Finally, let’s talk about how technology can help you get your bagel toasted just right. Where a toaster was once just a set of heating coils and some springs in a metal box, today’s smart toasters turn the process into an art form. The Revolution InstaGLO™ R180 Toaster, for example, has a touchscreen interface that lets you fine-tune your settings. It is designed to trap moisture so your bread doesn’t dry out.

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