Maximize Garage Space

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Maximize Garage Space
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These innovative garage storage solutions can help keep your space uncluttered and your equipment easily accessible.

Homes with garages are in high demand. According to a survey by, garages are one of the top five most desired home features for 2021 home buyers, along with larger homes, quieter neighborhoods, and large backyards.

If a nice garage is on your house-hunting list, a little organizational forethought can maximize its potential. Too often the garage becomes a jumble of items that grow year after year until your car no longer fits and items are inaccessible. But a few simple steps and a handful of storage solutions will help you take control of your clutter before it takes control of your garage.

Take Inventory

What do you currently have and what do you expect to buy that will be kept in the garage? Lawn care, sports, and recreational equipment, along with home maintenance items and tools, are common consumers of garage space. Or maybe you’re hoping for extra space for a workshop or just a place to hang out. Once you’ve prioritized your list, you’ll have a clearer understanding of your organizational needs.

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Wall-mounted Storage Solutions

Shelves and Cabinets

The more items you can keep off the floor the better. Open shelving is good for items like paint cans, motor oil, or plastic bins filled with various tools and equipment. Cabinets are ideal for gear that needs to be secured or protected. In either case, it is important to measure carefully before purchasing. Nothing is more frustrating than delaying the project with another trip to the store. Garage hanging racks are another efficient way to utilize overhead that otherwise wouldn't be used.

Pegboards and Slatwall Panels

Pegboards are a tried and true solution that is extremely versatile. The combination of multiple mounting locations and a large variety of hooks allow you to hang everything from screwdrivers to leaf blowers. Like pegboards, slatwall panels can be configured to organize tools, supplies, and sporting equipment – they also provide a finished look for your garage.

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Take Advantage of Ceiling Space

The garage ceiling is a perfect place to store light and medium-weight seasonal items like holiday decorations and camping gear. However, be sure not to impede the operation of your garage door. A wide variety of ceiling storage products are available including this DIY solution.

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Think Outside the Box

Increase parking space in a small garage with an automotive storage lift. If you have two vehicles but your garage is only built for a single car, consider a car lift. They’re fancy, but it’s a small price to pay for car enthusiasts who cringe at the thought of being rained on right after a wash - or worse - hail!

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You may also consider a retractable storage lift that allows you to make the most of your ceiling space and still easily gain access when needed.

retractable storage lift

Yes, you can even use your garage door for storage. This garage door fishing rod holder is a great way to secure your fishing gear while keeping it within easy reach.

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