Houston’s Mortgage Lender of the Year: Fairway Mortgage

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Houston’s Mortgage Lender of the Year: Fairway Mortgage
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The Wood Group of Fairway Mortgage is Houston Agent Magazine's Top Lender of the Year

Fairway has been named mortgage Lender of the Year by Houston Agent Magazine! It’s always an honor to be recognized for what we do, but this is especially true in a market as competitive and large as Houston.

Kathy Tautenhahn is also a finalist for Loan Officer of the Year! Kathy is the Sales Manager for our Houston office, serving the area with a stress-free mortgage experience.

The 2018 Agents’ Choice Awards were conducted by a vote of our peers and colleagues in the Houston real estate industry.

Why choose us as your mortgage lender in Houston?

There are so many different options when choosing a mortgage lender in Houston. So, why work with Fairway?

Competitive rates

We do everything we can to lock in the best interest rate possible for you. The industry changes day-to-day, and we’re here to help you make the right decisions on your mortgage program and rate. We understand how important your rate is, and we want to make sure you get a good deal.

Speed to respond

We’re here to answer all of your questions, no matter how small. Our borrowers consistently talk about how quickly they can get answers from us. This access and expertise is truly refreshing when compared to an online-only lender or a big bank.

Speed to close

Your closing date is a big priority for you and for us. We want you to close smoothly, on-time, and with no issues. Plus, we offer options that let you close in as little as 15 days! When a seller in Houston hears you’re pre-approved by Fairway, they’ll be hard-pressed to ignore your offer.

Real, personable service

With Fairway, you’re not just another loan to close. Your family is making one of life’s largest purchases, and we treat your loan as if it were our own. You don’t get that from big institutions, and you certainly don’t get that from a online-only lender.