Fairway Invests in Realtors and Veterans in El Paso

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Fairway Invests in Realtors and Veterans in El Paso
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In April 2018, real estate professionals from across the region gathered at Historic Magoffin Hall in downtown El Paso for an unforgettable continuing education course hosted by The Wood Group of Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation and American Warrior Initiative (AWI). The Certified Military Residential Specialist (CMRS) Boot Camp is aimed at helping realtors better support veteran and active duty military members in their quest to become homeowners.

These Boot Camps are just one additional way that Fairway seeks to provide its communities with exceptional service. By learning together, real estate professionals and mortgage loan officers are able to improve the ways they serve homebuyers of all sorts in El Paso and its surrounding communities.

Fairway Gives Back to a Special Veteran

Honored on this special day was U.S. Army veteran, Steve Mills. Years after completing his own service, Steve and noticed a great need among veterans in El Paso.. With his own funds and a group of volunteers, he founded Veterans Non-Profit to better serve them. The organization seeks to provide services to low-income veterans with a level of compassion and dignity that honors their service.

Veterans Non-Profit provides food pantry service to some 400 veterans each month as well as support groups for post-traumatic stress disorder and a pet food pantry to assist veterans in feeding their service animals. They also provide free haircuts alongside 90-day bus passes. These services are critical to the veteran community in and around El Paso.

The Wood Group of Fairway, AWI, and those in attendance for the training surprised Steve and Veterans Non-Profit with a donation of $7,500 to assist in the work of serving veterans in need. Because of gifts like these, the organization can continue providing much-needed services to veterans.

Serving Those Who Serve Us

It’s this sort of care and service that The Wood Group hopes to provide each and every day. We love helping families secure the home of their dreams. That’s especially true when it means serving the selfless men and women of the United States Armed Forces.

The entire team at The Wood Group in El Paso was honored to participate today. This was a great opportunity to improve the way we all serve our neighbors in El Paso. But even more than that, it was a way to honor veterans and help support their needs right here in our community. That’s what it is all about. (Trino Garcia, Sales Manager for The Wood Group of Fairway in El Paso)

If you or someone you know has served our country and is looking for a home, it would be our great honor to introduce you the mortgage options available through the Department of Veterans Affairs. A VA home loan can provide an affordable option for veterans and surviving spouses. Additionally, they offer low and no down payment options for your new home.

Veterans eligible for Texas Vet Housing Assistance have an opportunity to purchase a home with a low-interest loan and little or no down payment. Additionally, veterans with a VA service-connected disability rating of 30% or greater may qualify for a discounted rate.

If you’d like to talk with one of our experienced loan officers about what’s possible, check out the link below. We’re more than happy to help.