Fairway Is the #1 Mortgage Lender in Bell County

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Fairway Is the #1 Mortgage Lender in Bell County
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Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation has been recognized time and again as one of the top mortgage lenders in the company. Now that success has made its way to Bell County where Fairway ranks as the top lender in a number of categories for homeowners in Belton, Temple, Killeen, Harker Heights, and Salado. Here’s a quick look at the most recent data available from all of 2017.

#1 VA Lender

Fairway is #1 in Bell Co. VA Loans

Fairway prides itself on the work we do to support service members and their families. Take a look at one recent event where veterans were honored and real estate professionals learned how to better serve them in the search for a new home. Adding to that support is the number of VA home loans that Fairway secured on behalf of veterans last year. These loans each represent a family served. If you or someone you know would benefit from a VA mortgage option or a TX Vet loan, contact one of our experienced loan officers today.

#1 FHA Loans

Fairway is #1 in Bell Co. FHA Loans

Similar to the way we specialize in serving veterans, our team is experienced in helping first-time home buyers secure that home of their dreams. First-time borrowers are often interested in mortgage options insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). That’s because these loans offer more flexible qualification guidelines and can often make it easier for borrowers to qualify for a new home purchase or refinance on their home in ways a conventional loan simply can’t match. Read more about our FHA loan programs.

#1 New Home Loans

Fairway is #1 in Bell Co. New Home Loans

All of Central Texas is growing at an incredible rate. That’s because the quality of life found in towns like Belton, Killeen, Temple, Harker Heights, and Salado make them each desirable places to live and start a family. Nearly everywhere you turn, a new housing development is under construction. Fairway is proud to lead the way in helping those moving into the area secure that new home of their dreams. You simply won’t find a better team to work with as you build and buy.

#1 in Conforming Loans

Fairway is #1 in Bell Co. Conforming Loans

Yet another category where Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation leads the pack in Bell County is conforming loans. These loans meet the standards set by government entities like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. They are often easier to qualify, can have lower mortgage interest rates, may offer borrowers a lower down payment option, and can provide more flexibility with your credit score than a non-conforming loan. If that’s something that interests you, contact our team in Belton or Killen for more information.

#1 in All Mortgage Loans

Fairway is #1 in All Bell Co. Mortgages

At this point, it’s likely no surprise to hear that Fairway leads all other Bell County lenders in every type of mortgage available. No matter your situation or purchase type, the experienced team at The Wood Group of Fairway is ready to help. No situation is impossible. Don’t give up just because another lender turned you down. Instead, let our team help. Simply contact us so we can connect you with a hometown lender today!