What does Homeowners Insurance Cover? Is it Required in Texas?

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What does Homeowners Insurance Cover? Is it Required in Texas?
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Unlike mortgage insurance, your homeowner’s coverage protects you. And although Texas is a great place to live and work, we deal with serious inclement weather sometimes. In this article, we’ll outline:

  1. What’s covered with homeowner’s insurance
  2. When it’s required
  3. How much it costs & what determines pricing

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What does homeowner’s insurance cover?

A typical homeowner’s insurance policy will pay to repair or rebuild in the case of natural disasters including:

  • Fire (including wildfires)
  • Hurricanes
  • Hail
  • High winds, lightning, and tornadoes

Usually, homeowners insurance covers more than inclement weather. These items will probably be covered as well:

  • Your personal belongings
  • Garage and tool shed
  • Liability for neighbors
  • Living away from home when your home is damaged from an insured disaster

So if one of your family’s pets damages your neighbor's fence, your homeowner’s insurance covers the repairs.

What does homeowners insurance NOT cover?

You’re protected from a lot of disaster with homeowner’s insurance, but it almost never covers floods. Flood insurance is sold as its own policy.

Flood insurance is required for those living in a “flood zone”. It’s often required for those living in areas of Texas near lakes, rivers, and the coast.

More than half of homes flooded by Hurricane Harvey were outside of designated flood zones. – Texas Department of Insurance

Is homeowners insurance required?

If you’re getting a loan for your home, homeowners insurance is required. When your house is paid off, you’re no longer required to have it.

If you’re currently renting, don’t let this scare you off. The true cost of owning a home may be well within reason for you.

How much does homeowner’s insurance cost?

Like your auto insurance, homeowners insurance depends on many factors. But if you’re getting a loan for $150,000 in Texas, you may expect to pay around $100 a month. In Texas, where hail, tornadoes, and fire wreak havoc nearly every year, that’s a small price to pay.

Get a lower homeowners insurance premium

Now for the fun part – discounts! These are five common ways your homeowners insurance premiums can be lowered:

  1. You’re a veteran or active service member
  2. You’ve completed post-graduate education
  3. Your house is located near a fire station or hydrant
  4. Your home was built relatively recently
  5. You live in a smaller-sized house

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